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Van Beelen has been producing nets for years. It began in 1916  manufacturing fishing nets of natural materials. Time has changed and we now use a wide array of different synthetic materials. We provide nets for every type of use and every budget.


Stainless Steel Cable Mesh nets are increasingly being applied in netting roof structures, fencing, fall protection in zoos and aviaries.

Nets made from stainless steel cable are crimped together by stainless steel ferrules forming a transparant, strong and flexible diamond shaped mesh.

Cables used can vary between diameter 1 - 1,5 -  2 - 3 mm.

Mesh width can be 25 to 200 mm and can be applied both horizontally as vertically.


We can deliver nets in any required colour.

Van Beelen NTN BV can advise, design, supply, monitor and install all Stainless Steel Cable Mesh nets you require.




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