netting specialist since 1916

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Van Beelen Netten (Nets) was established in 1916 by Mr. J. van Beelen,
the grandfather of the current managing director.


Van Beelen has a rich history of net manufacturing.

It all started with the production of fishing nets that could resist the weight of tons of fish the forces of water, the impact of seawater and changing weather conditions.

Over the years we have gained an enormous amount of experience which we deploy now for the production of nettings ranging from sports to protection nets.

We produce nets that are both resilient as practical.


Since our foundry in 1916 we have kept abreast of developments in science and technology. Production methods have been modernised and natural fibres have been replaced by synthetics. We now supply a large variety of nets suited to different applications.

We have grown substantially over the years and gained international recognition, both in Europe and other continents.


Van Beelen NTN B.V. is a medium-sized company with over ten employees that have a tremendous amount of experience in net manufacturing. We have the required experience to manufacture sport nets, offshore safety nets, garden nets, protective nets, etc.


Why use Van Beelen nets?

We deploy our know-how and experience to advise our customers in choice of material, type of netting, and assembling while maintaining our competitive pricing.

The old craftsmanship for a contemporary product.